The Best of the Good Life

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Preston Hills Community


The Bungalow Story...



American Bungalow Style
America’s first bungalow was built on Cape Cod, Massachusetts by William Gibbons Preston in 1879. He was a visionary at the forefront of a movement away from the ornate Victorian décor of the day as he began building homes using basic elements and natural materials. These homes emphasized simplicity, honesty, artistry and integrity, both as a design philosophy and as a way of life. They blended with their surroundings in a subtle way, usually with a garden out back. And they introduced Americans to the idea that a home could harmonize natural simplicity with distinctive and innovative touches and still be affordable. The bungalow was practical and to many, it quickly symbolized the best of the good life. As the bungalow building craze continued, so began America’s love affair with what has come to be the symbol of urban living at its best.

Preston Hills
Close to work, close to Atlanta’s nightlife, close to everything, Preston Hills is a new neighborhood of charming bungalow­style homes. Unlike typical “cookie­cutter” subdivisions, Preston Hills takes you back to that time when your home truly reflected who you were and where you were going in life. In essence, living the American Dream. Each of these bungalows is brimming with style, convenience, simplicity, and personality. And each is unique in its own right with attention to details and artistic touches quite uncommon in today’s new home market or anywhere, for that matter. Come experience Preston Hills – the best of the good life.